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Passion and elegance power every decision, application, stroke, and artistry we follow at Ministry of Mane. One spends a lot of time on various skin care and hair care products to maintain the perfect look, and yet some do not achieve it. With our wide variety of opulent hair extensions and treatments, we fill that gap. Adding a glitzy vibe to your everyday natural, beautiful appeal, everyone deserves to look and feel their best without sacrificing confidence. For all of your worries, we have solutions.

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Remy Hair

Ethically sourced Remy Hair

Standard extensions are made with short, medium, and long lengths. But we customise it to your length, texture, and hair colour. It is sourced from only the best and then meticulously selected by hair experts to perfection, eliminating any bad strands from the different kinds of extension types individually. Followed up by handwashing and drying them. This process is lengthy and carried out only by experts to provide luxurious and premium quality.


Additional Services

Our passion goes beyond the doors of the studio. With an aftercare kit that has a routine guide for those perfect tresses. Just like your natural hair extensions require the care that we provide, our experts are always ready to guide you with the most suitable solution for your hair type.